Free Mathletics Classroom Printables

Sometimes a gold star just isn’t enough, so the Mathletics team have produced a range of FREE maths resources for teachers and parents to accompany the online program. They are perfect for adding extra spice to a classroom lesson, or for engaging and rewarding your students.

NEW! Multiverse printables pack

Do your students love learning multiplication skills with Multiverse? Take your space adventure to a whole new level with these additional printable resources – including celebration certificates and stickers – plus add your students’ photos to make your very own Multiverse posters!


Printable maths
resources pack

Designed as great teaching and learning aids, this set of printable resources is excellent for classroom use. Over 20 individual pieces including number lines, fraction walls and thermometers to help teach number skills and early numeracy.


Meritopia reward
system posters

Learn all about the wonders of Meritopia – how students can access it, what they can do when they’re in there, and uncover the secrets of goop!


Mathletics reward
system posters

Motivate your students with these handy posters – perfect for showing students how to get the most out of their Mathletics points and work towards achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates. Available in a range of designs.


Customisable reward certificates

Perfect for celebrating and rewarding specific or particular successes in and out of the classroom. Great for school award presentations – just add student names! Need to save on ink? Download our great low-colour, low-ink versions.

Download Download Low Ink


Certificate tracker wallchart

Motivate your students to progress through their bronze, silver and gold weekly award certificates with this great classroom wallchart. Just add your students’ names and let them track their progress to GOLD across the year. Available in two large format designs.


Points tracker wallchart

Motivate your students by tracking their Mathletics points through the school year. Encourage them to use Mathletics consistently every week and see which Mathlete has the highest points at the end of the term. Four designs available.


Multiplication tables wallchart

What classroom wall is complete without a times tables wallchart! Available in four designs, each feature the 2x – 12x tables set within vibrant Mathletics visuals. Perfect for any classroom wall.


QR Code wall poster

Mathletics is accessible on tablet devices – just log in as normal via the browser. To speed things along, why not stick this unique QR code poster on your classroom wall. Students simply scan the code with their camera app and it will take them directly to Mathletics login without any fuss.


Formulae and Laws factsheets

Designed by our education team for secondary school-aged students, these PDF factsheets are designed as study aids for key mathematical laws.


Mathematical & Growth Mindset posters

At Mathletics we are strong advocates of the Growth Mindset, fostering an enjoyment of maths and an ‘I can’ attitude through the use of Mathletics. Download this set of eight posters for your classrooms.


Teacher certification poster

Mathletics Certification supports teachers’ professional learning by validating their expertise with our learning resources, while empowering them to transform classroom teaching and learning. Download a certification poster to promote professional learning amongst your colleagues at school. Click here to find out more about certification.


Blog and website
digital crests

Want to showcase your proud Mathletics status on your school’s website or blog? Maybe you’d like to celebrate some Mathletics successes in your school newsletter? Why not use one of these great Mathletics School Crests and link it back to the Mathletics website.


Mathletics art sheets

Great for younger students or for bringing some cross-curriculum art and creativity into mathematics lessons! Featuring the characters within Mathletics. 20 individual sheets – a perfect excuse to break out the art supplies!