Make spelling stick for a lifetime

Readiwriter Spelling is the only spelling program that
delivers a rich understanding of spelling in an engaging way.

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Why teachers choose
Readiwriter Spelling for
spelling instruction

Engaging learning experiences

Best practice gamification that makes learning rewarding

Find engaging activities that provide the challenge, incentive and reward students need to make
learning last.

Data-driven reporting

Simple tracking and
marking that provides
powerful insights

Create personal learning experiences through
data-driven, single-view student reporting.


Curriculum aligned

Meaningful learning
that follows your local

Our products are compatible with curricula around
the world, including AU, NZ, UK, CA, US and more.

Our Readiwriter Spelling community

130,000 +

Students have spelled new
words in Readiwriter Spelling

6,200 +

Teachers have set live tests in Readiwriter Spelling

730 +

Schools have used Readiwriter Spelling to achieve their literacy goals


See how Readiwriter Spelling
aligns to your local curriculum

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