Blended teaching
tools for literacy

For early learners

Reading Eggs

For ages 5–13

Reading Eggs was designed to entertain and engage
young minds with reading and literacy. Packed with
ebooks, activities and resources, Reading Eggs
opens the world of reading to students of all skill levels.

Available worldwide (excluding USA)

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Meeting your literacy needs

Districts and School Groups

We work together to define the literacy goals of your school group to see how our programs can best address the needs of your educators and learners.

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Schools and teachers

Our programs can address general literacy goals or specific literacy needs
for every topic and for any age level, for schools or individual classes.

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Parents and home users

Reading Eggs for home is a parent-friendly version of our program that supports learning at home in a way the whole family can enjoy.

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Here’s how they work


Engaging literacy learning

Make literacy meaningful for all learners

Find hundreds of activities, resources and books
to spark a love of learning literacy in any learner.


Develop general and specific skills

Cover the fundamentals
of literacy in a deep and rewarding way

Teach literacy skills and topics in a rich and
meaningful way, powered by best-practice
gamification and pedagogy.


Automation and data

Save time with automatic marking and student reporting

Let our programs take care of the busy work, and find the data you need to make learning personal and meaningful for your students.

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Districts and
School Groups

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we can meet your goals or
face your challenges.

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Parents and
Home Users

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